Article: Wine Farming for a Sustainable Future

8-12% Net Annual Target Return


50 years experienced investment team


€50 million target AUM


Low risk / uncorrelated to stock markets


Regulated European Investment Fund


€200k minimum investment

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Vineyard & Terroir Fund (VTF) provides institutions and private wine enthusiasts with unique access to top winemakers and an opportunity to invest in exclusive plots

  • Launched in 2020
  • Bringing together expert knowledge and invesment capabilities
  • Close relationship with both established and up coming winemakers
  • Exceptional inhouse access to most promising parcels and vineyards
  • Reduced fees for eary onboarders

Our investment approach

Whether we’re guiding and educating someone completely new to wine investing or helping advise a long-term collector, our deep understanding of this asset classes allows us to help you determine which investment is right for you and provide the necessary expertise, tools and market insight.

We identify the most appropriate producers and wineries for the fund-investment objectives. We work established the new generation of talented winemakers who apply sustainable farming practises. The selection process is based on their farming practises, value creation abilities, plot sourcing potential and their reputation.

Our portfolio selection is based on our market analysis and close observations of the market trends.

We believe our approach is sound and we attempt to balance acceptable level of risk in support of a mid to long-term return.

Due to the strict appellation regulations and trend for UHNWI’s, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and luxury conglomerates to purchase prestigious Estates at premium prices, the value of those regions has significantly increased.

The Fund Managers have 50 years’ expertise within the wine and alternative asset management.

Thanks to their deep and long term connection to the industry and its leading wine producers, it has been possible to create this sound investment opportunity.

Our track record is demonstrated through Wine Source Fund (a previous fund under the same SICAV) which has consistently outperformed the wine indices (Livex 100 $ 1000), has obtained 39% since its inception in 2012 and has paid €15m cash back to its initial investors.

Vineyard & Terroir Fund invests in plots of vines and parcels in “AOC” regions including: Bordeaux, Piedmont, Burgundy, Bordeaux, the Rhône Valley and Central California

During the investment period the acquired plots will be leased to winemakers, so that these assets can generate income from day one. At the end of the lease period, which is typically five years, the Fund can sell this sustainably-farmed land to our leaseholders or to external investors such as Wine & Luxury Groups, family Estates or other prestigious brands.

This is your opportunity to become a shareholder of multiple vineyards and make an impact while generating returns

As an investor in Vineyard and Terroir Fund, you can participate in this unique opportunity to become a real vineyard owner and at the same time impact the wine production and thereby the overall industry.
This is a platform where the investors would be strongly connected to the winemakers and their wines, and supporting sustainable practices.

A stable investment providing portfolio diversification

This is the first fully regulated investment into this segment targeting €50 million AUM and anticipating an attractive return at 8% to 12% per annum.

Investors can redeem their investment 6 months after the first lock in period. Land investments are barely correlated to the stock markets, thus appropriate for investors with a moderate risk appetite.

Legal Structure

The investment structure is a European Investment Fund (SICAV) and is a regulated vehicle.
In cooperation with the winemaker and local custodians, we create a special purpose investment vehicle dedicated to land investments in each specific region.

8 -12 %

Net Annual Target Return


Low correlation to stock markets


Strategies include sale to winemakers or large corporate actors in the industry

Historical Domaine Transactions

There is a trend for UHNWI’s, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and luxury conglomerates to purchase at premium prices prestigious Estates driving an additional significant price increase of the global AOCs.

Investors have traditionally viewed real estate as a risk-reducer, diversifying portfolios and barely correlated to stock markets.

Adding real estate to a portfolio helps offset the volatility of other high-risk assets, thereby reducing the overall risk level of your portfolio whilst providing steady returns.

Land and Vineyards

Investment in land is an option, typically for the long term investors. Returns on plots depend on the location and commercial purpose.

Over the last decade the price of fine wine has increased significantly

The worldwide evolution of fine wine land pricing has been solid over the past decade. With the AOC (Appellations of Origins) tightly locked, we have on one end, a growing population with an increasing fine wine demand, and in the other end, a supply which is finite in terms of the terroir’s ability to produce the best wines.

Price of Land for Fine Wine in France

Data from The French Agricultural Ministry

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