Open for Early Investors

VTF is currently open for commitments from early investors.
Reduced Fees are available for a minimum investment of Euro/USD 200,000 (1%/ 10%).

Target AUM €50million

Target Assets Under Management is Euro 50 million. The fund is open-ended and incepts at Euro 2 million in AUM.

Target Regions

The fund is targeting “AOC” regions including Piedmont, Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhone Valley and Central California.

Investor Profile

VTF is an appropriate choice for investors willing to commit long-term, investing in a secured asset on a timeline of 5 years or longer. VTF is an ideal tool for family offices as well as HNWIs seeking long-term returns for an exclusive asset class.


Investing in VTF offers privileged access to exceptional producers, their wines and their properties, as well as other outstanding perks.

Currently Fundraising: Open for Early Investors

Investment Guide

Market Overview

Over the last decade, the price of land used to produce fine wines has increased significantly.

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Market Data

View Land Prices region by region.


Decanter: “New fund to help wealthy wine lovers invest in top vineyards”

A new investment fund that enables wealthy wine lovers and institutions to buy vineyard stakes in both renowned and up-and-coming regions, from Piedmont to Kent, is being launched.

About the Fund

VTF Fund

WSF SICAV PLC has launched the Vineyard & Terroir Fund, which invests in up-and-coming winemakers, targeting an 8-12% return per annum.
VTF is currently open for first round-funding at reduced fees.

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Why Invest in VTF?

VTF Portfolio Managers have 50 years’ combined experience in the wine and financial industries. We work closely with both established and up-and-coming producers, and these exclusive partnerships give us access to the most promising plots and vineyards. Additionally, VTF gains short-term returns by leasing the land to our winemaking partners, thereby making the asset work from day one.

At the end of the lease, typically 5 years, VTF can sell this sustainably-farmed land to those leaseholders or to other investors.

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VTF Investment Committee

Philippe Kalmbach
Thomas Lambert
Simon Lurton

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Frequently Asked

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We are now seeing a generation of outstanding winemakers who rely on sustainable production methods to preserve the terroir for the future. These select winemakers stand out in terms of quality, industry recognition and value.
This is the segment of the wine industry the VTF wishes to support through its expertise and unique connections.
VTF Portfolio Managers have 50 years’ combined experience spanning the wine and financial industries.

VTF is extremely rigorous in the selection of rising-star growers and will offer them the support they need to expand their domaines.
VTF is an investment vehicle with a difference. Observing a reluctance from banks and other traditional institutions to lend to ambitious winemakers, the VTF team is creating a system to support promising growers while generating returns for investors.



VTF intends to achieve high capital growth over the medium to long term, primarily by channeling funds into investment-grade vineyards within appellations recognised for their value and potential.
VTF will provide investors with an opportunity to invest in land which has a history of producing high-quality wine without commanding the highest prices in the industry.
The Fund will, through its Investment Committee, employ various proprietary strategies to make investment decisions.
The choice of the regions is key, and will mainly be driven by our winemaking partners, as they ideally positioned to determine the potential value of a plot of land. The regions we are targeting include Central California, the Northern Rhone, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Piedmont.

All of these regions are limited by the appellation system.



Investing in land which has a history of producing high quality wines without commanding the highest prices in the industry.

The Fund will, as a priority, secure land in areas where the price is below the €2 million per hectare mark. This will allow the investment to achieve short to medium-term returns on top of the value of the land itself.

Many appellations will see their value increase as demand is already shifting toward premium wines with better affordability than the most prestigious grands crus, where investment returns will take decades to materialise.

The Fund is uniquely placed to observe these shifts in demand within the fine wine market, and can provide an answer to the growing demand for fine wines.

Investment Strategy

Investment Targets.

The fund shall, through its Investment Committee, use various proprietary strategies to make investment decisions.

Choice of the regions is key, mainly driven by the winemakers-partners who are the best to value the potential of a land. Regions we are targeting are: Central California, Northern Rhone, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Piedmont.

The natural process of vineyard and land development.

The Fund will secure short-term lease contracts in order to generate an initial return. Development of the land will also generate an accelerated and improved resale value when the Fund decides to sell some of its investments in the future.

As these programs are long-term, we will offer privileged terms for investors willing to invest over 5 years or more, to recognise the cycle of such investments.



Investment Period

The minimum investment period is 5 years, in line with farming contracts. Although we could sell these assets over a shorter time frame, it would compromise our ability to maximise returns for the Fund. We therefore do not intend to force a sale in the middle of the 5 year time period.


The NAV will be published on an annual basis, solely based on market recorded transactions. We will value the land at the market average of the recognised appellations.
As we are working with top winemakers, we expect to drive a beta premium of the market average to recognise these producers and their farming work.


After the 5 year lock-in period is reached, investors will be eligible to redeem during the first and third quarter of each year.
Payout is executed within 6 months following the quarter of redemption.

Taxation when investing in VTF

Taxation associated with this fund functions similarly to that of a stock investment company. In some territories, such as Belgium, Switzerland and Hong Kong, among others, such investments are tax free. We advise you to confirm your taxation terms with your tax advisor.




As an investor in the Vineyard & Terroir Fund, you will have exclusive access to:
• Visit the finest wineries, meet producers and taste their wines, and attend exclusive events
• Engage with both celebrated and up-and-coming names within the wine world
• Build a unique cellar by purchasing rare and limited-supply wines directly from vineyards Receive allocations from select prestigious properties making some of the rarest wines and spirits in the world
• A globally unique service that sources wines directly from châteaux and domaines
• Bespoke wine guidance and investment advice from world-class sommelier-trained advisors and dedicated personal relationship managers

Partners in Growth

VTF invests in the rising stars of winemaking. We are in a position to identify up-and-coming winemakers and offer them the support they need to build their brands.
Through VTF we provide capital to purchase plots, and can assist with marketing and distribution channels through our sister company Wine Source Group, a world leader in the field.
The Investment Committee has proven experience and expertise in the fields of finance, wine branding and wine and spirits distribution.

VTF Investment Team

The VTF Investment team has a combined 50 years’ experience within the wine, financial and alternative asset management industries, including experience in high-level management positions within large corporations.
The team has developed a structured and regulated method of investing into wine and land, and is well-suited to introduce professional investors to the process.

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VTF is structured as a Professional Investors Fund, licensed by the MFSA.
VTF is a sub-fund of WSF SICAV PLC.

Vineyard & Terroir Fund is currently offering commitment in the following share classes, solely dedicated to investments in vineyards and land in partnership with producers of fine wines around the world.

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ISIN Code:
Awaiting Approval from MFSA

Accredited Investors:
Qualifying investors as defined by the MFSA

Malta (Europe), European Passport

Bloomberg Ticker:
Awaiting MFSA approval

Name of Fund:
WSF SICAV PLC – Vineyard & Terroir Fund

Legal Structure:
Collective Investment Scheme – Professional Investor Fund

Sparkasse Bank


Calamatta Cuschieri Fund Services (Malta) Limited

Assigned by country, full list to be made available based on transaction

Legal Advisor:
Nicolai Xuereb – NX LEGAL

Recommended Investment Period:
5 to 10 years

Lock in Period:
5 years

€ (Class A, B) and $ (Class A1, B1)

Minimum investment:
€200,000, $200,000

Minimum Subscription:
€200,000, $200,000

1%/10% for min investments of €/$200,000
1%/10% for min investment of €/$500,000
6% high watermark

Investment Committee:
Philippe Kalmbach
Thomas Lambert
Simon Lurton



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