It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the world of fine wines and exclusive vineyards.
In parallel to the wine investments that we have been successfully making through Wine Source Fund since 2012, the timing is now optimal for launching a new initiative to create an even closer link to the best wineries, Chateaux and Domaines of this world, namely – Vineyard & Terroir Fund.

We believe that integrating ourselves closely to top talents of the winemaking world will enable us to have an even deeper connection to the wine ecosystem. The new Fund, with focus on investing in vineyards, with a minimum 5 years investment horizon, keeping in mind that the worldwide evolution of land pricing has been solid. With the AOC (Appellations of Origins) tightly locked, we have on one end, a growing population with a growing demand for fine wines, and in the other end, a supply which is finite in terms of the terroir’s ability to produce the best wines.
We have lined up several key winemakers in Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone and California to work with us in identifying quality parcel that they would lease and develop with us. We expect the VTF Fund to launch in Q1 2020 as it is now going through the regulatory reviews.

As an investor into VTF, the world of fine wine and Estates will be made easy to navigate and enjoy, with experts on hand to guide, debate, advise and provide access to the most fantastic estates and cellars.
I invite you to take part in this unique opportunity of investing in and alongside our specialist investment team, the up-and-coming winemakers & land.

Philippe Kalmbach