Fund Status & Licensing

The Wine Source Fund and the Vineyards and Terroir Fund are both subfunds of WSF SICAV PLC.
Wine Source Fund is a SICAV under the law of Malta as a multi-fund public limited liability company with variable share capital (SICAV) pursuant to the Companies Act (Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta), and is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (“MFSA”) as a Professional Investor Fund which is available to Eligible Investors.

Investor Profile

The legal structure and investment strategy of our funds, fits the needs of professional investors, institutions and banks as well as wealthy individuals.
Our current investor base includes family offices, private individual as well as other investment institutions.

Service Providers

We work with top service providers, see the list of service providers on the respective fund details page

WSF Fund Terms and Service Providers
VTF Fund Terms and Service Providers

Alternative Asset Investing

Alternative investments are alternatives to so-called ‘mainstream investments’: equities and fixed income. They include private capital, real estate, real assets and hedge funds and last but not least art and wine. Investors increasingly use alternative strategies to help them achieve their return and diversification goals.

Taxation when investing into Vineyards & Land through VTF

Taxation associated to this fund, is similar to a stock investment company, some territories such as Belgium, Switzerland or HK among others, are taxfree with such investments. We advise you to confirm your taxation terms with your tax advisor.

Vineyards & Land Investment Activity

Since several years, there is a global trend for UHNWs and a number of Silicon Valley Tech Entrepreneurs, as well as luxury conglemrates such as LVMH and Kering Group, to buy land & estates and thereby impact significant price increases in the corresponding regions.

View articles on the recent investments and regions

Our approach to wine & land investing

We master the alternative asset class of wine and land. So we’ll help you determine which investment is right for you in the short or long term. Next, we’ll implement your chosen investment. We apply decades of wine industry experitice to help build, manage and implement our alternative funds and our partners include top wine producers of the world (see list of our partner wineries and producers).

Through WineSourceGroup, we have been researching and working with most of the world’s top wine makers for over 10 years.

We identify the most appropriate producers and wineries for the respective fund-investment objectives.

We learn from market trends, we learn from the indept knowledge we have and the knowhow of the rising stars wine makers that we closely work with, to select our portfolio. Although this does not guarantee future results, we believe our approach is sound and we attempt to balance acceptable level of risk in support of a long term return.

Investing into WSF and VTF Funds

We want to make investing into wine and land comprehensive at every step of the way.
If you are interested in subscribing to WSF or committing as an early investor to the VTF, which is currently open for commitments, kindly fill in the More Information form and we will get in touch by telephone and email. Following we will schedule a meeting to meet the founders and dig into it together.

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